Unique Birthday Party Ideas for Little One

A first birthday is an event that we always remember. It is more than a party, in fact, a memory for a lifetime. To make this memory the best of the best, you must pick some theme and keep the arrangements according to that theme only. If you are out of ideas, we are here to help you with the best ideas to celebrate your prince’s birthday. 

Various theme ideas for the party

Pokemon theme party

Pokemon is a very famous animated cartoon that is almost every child’s favorite. If you are planning a first birthday party theme for your boy, it is a very good option. For the party decoration, you can make hangings and cut-outs of different characters of the cartoon. The picture of the main characters of Pokemon will add more fun to the party. This cartoon has a very special playtoy known as Beyblade. So, Beyblade is the best return gift for the boys coming to the party. 

Harry Potter theme

The most famous book and a series of movies, Harry Potter have its own magical impact on kids. This is one of the best first birthday party ideas for boys. You can distribute the black gown to the kids at the party and give them wands to feel the theme in a better way. Also, the black wizard hats work like icing on the cake. You can enhance the decoration by drawing owls on the paper and hang them in the house. 

Minions theme

Minions are a new trend in the cartoon world and a birthday party of this theme would be the best memory for your baby boy. These decorations are quite funky and the colors are bright. For instance, the balloons will be yellow and blue and the cake also in a Minions shape. Also, the minion dress for the baby boy is a great idea. And minion hats are very easily accessible in the market. 

Angry bird theme

Angry birds theme is very colorful for kids. Even the balloons and the dresses of the kids are multi-colored in this theme. However, for the cake, you can choose any of the angry birds depending on the favorite color of the kids. 

Mickey mouse theme

Many people choose this birthday party idea for boys. Mickey mouse theme is such a happy theme. There are many things you can add to make the party rocking. As we know, kids love cookies so you can serve Mickey mouse-shaped cookies and inflate the printed balloons with the same cartoon pictures. Also, the birthday hats with Mickey mouse photos and headbands with enlarged ears will add a special effect.

Superhero theme

Boys always have a favorite superhero who inspires them. The superhero theme is very unique and you can dress up your baby as their favorite superhero. For adding fun to the party, dress up other kids also as some superhero and let them enjoy in a play area. However, a theme fashion show is the best option with kids dressed up as different superheroes. And your son’s favorite superhero will be on his first birthday cake. 

Avengers theme

The action series avengers have many characters that play the role of heroes and save the world. So, it is a good theme and quite interesting. Moreover, there are face masks that kids can wear and avengers dress. The best idea is to customize the cake in the shape of the shield of Captain America. For decoration, the balloons of avengers theme are easily available in the market and you can hang them in different parts of the house. 

Beach theme party

You can arrange a birthday party with a beach theme for your boy who loves to go to the beaches. The garden area is useful for this purpose. This theme needs some props and sand. So, be ready and wear your beach dresses. The best time to celebrate the beach theme party is the daytime. Also, decorate the whole house with props like balls, small ships made of paper, and wet sand to make sand houses. 

Underwater theme

This is quite an interesting theme. You can create an underwater theme in your house very easily. The decoration would include cutouts of boats, ships, fish, sharks, and whales. Moreover, to get the sea look, you can add blue wallpaper on the walls or at the backdrop. If your kid likes the movie ‘Finding Nemo’, then you can customize the cake with Nemo drawn on it. 

Things to consider before planning a birthday party

Choice of the baby

The first and foremost thing you must consider is the choice of baby. The party theme totally depends upon the toys your boy likes. For instance, if he plays with doremon, you must go for a demon theme and decorate the whole house accordingly. And if you want to know your baby’s choice, you can keep a few different toys in front of them and wait for them to pick one. 


Make sure that the dress your boy is going to wear is comfortable. Do not over decorate the baby or underdress them. The attire should be comfortable as well as fancy so that it looks good and the baby can enjoy his birthday as well. 


The theme you are choosing should be famous so that the props are easily accessible. Undoubtedly, the idea should be out of the box but not something that people can’t relate to. Therefore, choose something unique yet relatable. 


You should invite all your near and dear ones. And it is better to make them aware of the theme prior so that they can prepare and get ready accordingly. Make a rough list about a month before and keep adding members whenever you remind of someone close or important. 

Watch your budget

The spending potential is the thing that you should not ignore in any case. So, keep your expenses under your budget and try to cut the cost if possible.