Stylish & Modern Indian Baby Boy Names

Finding a right and meaningful name for the newly arrived baby has become a struggle these days. Almost all parents have to go through this struggling yet enjoyable phase. Choosing the right name is such a task as the name should be modern and stylish also. But don’t worry, to make this task easy, here is the list of some modern baby boy names.


The meaning of Aadesh is order and the name is very popular among Indians. 


Aadrik is a very rare name and the meaning of the word is ‘the rising sun from mountains’.


It is a very familiar name, however, the meaning is also very familiar that is the sky.


Aahan is a very stylish name for the boys. The meaning of the word is the first rays of light.


Aarav has become a very desirable name in recent times for Indian baby boys. The meaning of the word is peace and wisdom. 


The word means ‘one who fears nothing’ and there can be no better name for your little powerful man. 


Abhi is a short form of the name ‘Abhimanyu’, who is a very famous character of Mahabharata. 


If you want your kid to be bright and clever, then Abhinav is the right name for him. The meaning suggests the same.


If you are looking for something stylish and unique, then adhyan is a perfect name. The meaning of the name is ‘the rising’.


It is also the latest name and trending these days. It means which cannot be dual or unique.


The one who never loses or wins over the enemy is referred to as Arijit. This name is quite popular among modern parents. 


Arnav means the ocean. It is a good choice among the Indian baby boy names. 


It is also a very cute name for your notorious baby boy. The meaning of Arush is the first rays. 


If you belong to a spiritual family, then atharv is the right name for you. 


Let all the good luck come to your baby and name him Ayaan. The name means someone very fortunate. 


Give your baby lots and lots of blessings of long life and name him Ayush. 


Babies just light up our lives and there cannot be any other perfect name for them. Chirag means the lamp. 


Babies are always God’s blessings to us. The name daiwik means by God’s grace. So, name your kid daiwik as it is modern as well as stylish.


The meaning of the word is ‘good looking’. So,  name your handsome baby boy darshil.


Dev is another popular name among Indian baby boy names. It means ‘God’.


The meaning of the name is part of God and it is very modern and stylish. 


The pole star is known as Dhruv tara in Hindi and it is the reason behind this name. 


This is a common name among the Bengalis. However, the meaning of the word is the moon. 


Some like to consider it as Buddha’s name and some consider it with the meaning ‘the wise man’. Undoubtedly, both meanings are great.


Hopefully, your baby will spread joy and happiness wherever he goes. So, there cannot be any better name than Harshad.


Hemant means gold. It is s very popular name among Hindus. 


The word himansh means the part of God Shiva. So, it has religious value and modern for your boy. 


Hridhaan is a unique name and its meaning is a kind person.


Kabir means great and it is also referred to as a saint in ancient times. 


The word kairav means white lotus. It is a very unique name for your baby. 


It is a very nice name for your baby with a beautiful meaning. Kavyansh means intelligence. 


Parv is a very unusual name. It means a festival. Babies give us a festive feel and their birth is no less than the festival.


Rudra is a very nice name with religious values as well. The meaning of the word is ‘the one who eliminates the pain’.


The meaning of the word is virtuous and calm. Sathvik is a rare name and modern also. 


The name Siddhartha has come from the other name of Gautam Buddha. The meaning of the name is accomplishments. It is a very popular name among Hindus. 


Parents always consider their babies lucky for them and if it is the case with you too, then shreyansh is the right name. The word means ‘one who is lucky for others’. 


It is a very popular name among Hindus. The name Utkarsh means prosperity. So, bring prosperity to your baby’s life by giving them a splendid name. 


Vihaan is a very unique name with a special meaning. The meaning of Vihaan is the beginning of something new. As baby changes your world completely, it is the beginning of a new life. Therefore, it is the perfect name. 


Virat means brilliant. It is a very inspiring name even if we talk about the Indian cricketer. Many people love to name their babies after famous personalities. 


It is the name of Lord Krishna. The name has been in trend for the last few years. 


Yash is a very common name. It means fame or success. 


Yuvaan is the latest name which is in trend nowadays. The meaning of yuvaan is youthful or one who stays young. Some also consider it the name of lord Shiva or relate it to the synonym for the moon. 


Yuvraj means prince. If you want to give your baby boy a royal feel, then you must go for this name. 

Out of this long list, choose the one that appeals to you the most. You can consider the style, value, or the lyrical quality of the name. 

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