Mustard Oil Benefits & Side Effects for Babies

Massage is the best time for a mother to bond with the baby. it does not only makes the baby healthy but also makes his skin better in many ways. There are plenty of options to use to massage your little one but you must go for something better. Mustard oil is an age-old oil used by mothers from ages. It has a lot of benefits when it comes to baby care. Its benefits are numerous and 

Here we will discuss some of the benefits of mustard oil to babies. 

Benefits of mustard oil

Improvement in the circulation of blood

It is the best option to gently massage your newborn. Mustard oil helps in the proper circulation of blood in the whole body. Also, it improves the health of the baby and makes them strong. 

Store body heat 

Mustard oil is warm by nature. Thus, it makes the body of the baby hot and helps to store the heat. This is the reason it is preferred in colder regions. Massaging the baby with mustard oil in winter makes its body cozy and keeps it warm. 

Helps in preventing congestion

If the baby catches a cold, then mustard oil is the best option to use as a decongestant. You can heat up some oil and add a few cloves of garlic in it. Then, apply the oil on the chest of the baby, the cold or cough will ward off soon. For better results, you can also use basil leaves in it and apply it in the same way. 

Prevents infections

The Baby’s skin is soft and sensitive. It is prone to catch bacterial infections easily. Thus, mustard oil is the best thing to use as a skin disinfectant. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and works wonders on the baby’s skin. Mustard oil is believed to fight bacterial infections like S typhi and E Coli.  You can apply it to the affected area two or three times a day to treat the skin. 

The rapid growth of hair

It is not only beneficial for the skin but mustard oil is quite a blessing for hair also. If applied regularly, it improves hair growth and also makes hair grow faster. It also strengthens the roots of the hair. 

Effective repellent

Baby’s skin easily attracts insects and mosquitoes and these bites are quite harmful to the baby. You can use mustard oil as a mosquito and insect repellent on the baby’s skin. The strong smell of the oil prevents mosquitoes and it also heals the marks. 

Relief from asthma

Mustard oil is good for asthmatic conditions also. The strong smell and essence of the oil make it very beneficial for kids who suffer from the problem of asthma. For better results, you can use camphor in mustard oil while heating and massaging the babies. 

Anti-fungal infections

It prevents the babies from dangerous fungal infections of the skin. Its anti-fungal properties make it the best massage oil specially for babies. Even doctors or pediatricians recommend the use of mustard oil if the baby has some sort of fungal infection.

Open the pores

Massaging the baby with mustard oil is the best way to open the sweat pores. It is quite useful for the baby as it helps the body to release toxins and breathe. You can use it in summer as well for this reason. 

Ways to use mustard oil for babies

There are several ways to use mustard oil for better results.

  • First, heat the oil and let it cool. Then, put it in a bottle to store and use it every time before bathing the baby. This is the easiest way to use mustard oil.
  • However, you can also heat the oil every time you need to use it. 
  • Adding a pinch of ajwain while heating the oil is very beneficial for infants. It helps in relieving gas issues in newborn babies. Storing this is easier for long-term use. 
  • You can also put some garlic cloves in it and store it at room temperature and massage the baby daily.
  • In winter, it is very beneficial to add some basil leaves to mustard oil while heating and then using it. 

Harmful effects of mustard oil

The benefits of mustard oil are innumerable. However, we must consider the harmful effects of anything prior to using it for babies. Here are some of the possible harmful effects of mustard oil.

Not good for sensitive skin

All babies have sensitive skin but some of them are extra sensitive. If your baby has very sensitive skin, then mustard oil can harm your baby as there are some sort of allergens present in it. So, you need to be very careful while applying it to your baby’s body. If you see any kind of rash or redness, you must refrain from its use. 

Triggering allergic reaction

The use of mustard oil can aggregate the skin allergies of babies. The strong elements are not suitable for all body types. Therefore, in case of any kind of itchiness, you must stop using it.


Not all babies like the strong and pungent smell of mustard oil. It is not something harmful but definitely not the choice of the baby. So, you just change the oil if the baby seems uncomfortable. 

Clogged pores

There are beliefs that the thickness of the oil is not good for babies. It can clog the pores of the baby’s skin as it is very sticky. Therefore, it is essential to bathe the baby with hot water after the mustard oil massage and the quantity of the oil should be very less. 

So, these are some of the benefits of mustard oil with a few disadvantages. You can choose your baby’s massage oil as per his or her skin and requirements. But make sure whatever you choose provides them strength and makes their bones strong.