How to Reduce Belly Fat After Pregnancy

Postpartum is quite a depressing time for some of the new moms. Because the body and the mind try to adjust to the change that has come. Mothers hardly have any time to look after themselves and that is what depresses them the most. Your body is fat, sore, and weak. 

Once you deliver a baby, the same shape of the belly never comes back easily. The skin is loose and saggy. Of course, it is the toughest task to bring your body back to its shape but not at all impossible. There are many ways through which you can regain your body shape and the confidence to maintain it that way. 

3 simple tips to reduce belly fat after pregnancy

These are some homemade tips that will help you lose your extra fat after delivering the baby. 

Breastfeeding the baby

Breastfeeding is the easiest way to reduce your extra calories and fat. As per the studies, the mothers who breastfeed their babies tend to lose more weight than those who don’t. Also, WHO recommends mothers feed for the initial two years of baby’s life. However, it is a personal choice to breastfeed or not. 

Balanced diet

The diet you consume has a huge impact on your body weight. Just like small babies, new mothers also need a lot of care, and diet is the most crucial part postpartum. It should be rich in protein, calcium, and carbs. 

Keep yourself hydrated

Water helps to eliminate the extra fats of the body. It helps new mothers to lose body fat to a great extent. So, new mothers are advised to drink lots and lots of water. 

Exercises to lose belly fat

Once you recover from the delivery, start giving some time to yourself. So, exercise is the best way to reduce your belly fat after pregnancy.

Here are some exercises that will help you to lose fat.


It is the least you can do for your body. The process of recovery after delivering a baby is not easy for everyone. So, you should not be harsh on yourself and start with walking only. Gradually, you will get used to it and pace yourself to brisk walking. It helps to tone the body, especially in the beginning. 

If your baby is not giving you enough time, then you can make him part of this. Carry your baby in a babywearing and then walk. It will add some extra weight of the baby on your body increasing the impact of the walk. 

Deep breathing

Deep belly breathing is a very effective and easy exercise. Also, you need not wait for the recovery even ladies start this exercise an hour after giving birth. 

You need to sit on a flat surface with your back completely straight. Then inhale air while keeping your stomach tight and then exhale while relaxing. Deep breathing has a number of benefits. It does not only reduce belly fat but provide peace of mind. It helps in fighting depression and stress. 

Head lift

Head lift benefits the body by providing shape and strength to it. You need to lie down on the floor with your back straight and then fold your legs. Make sure that your feet touch the floor. Then for head lifts, put your hands behind your head and lift your head putting pressure on the belly. You need to inhale while lifting and exhale while putting the head back. 

Shoulder lift

For shoulder lifts, the position is the same as the head lifts. However, you need to lift your hand and neck and try to touch your knees. It is a difficult exercise, so you must practice it once you have mastered head lifts. If it still feels uncomfortable, then you can place your hands behind your head and move your head while keeping the neck still. It will be more relaxing and effective as well. 

Curl ups

You should try this exercise if you are able to do at least ten shoulder lifts and head lifts. First of all, you need to lie down on the floor and then lift the torso. Make sure it is somewhere in the middle of the floor and your knees. Try to reach the level of your knees and hold for a minimum of two seconds. Then, place your back down very slowly. 

Important tips to erase belly fat

Here we are sharing some tips that will help you reduce belly fat after pregnancy.

Don’t rush

You need to be very gentle with your body as it has undergone a major change. Therefore, you should start things gradually. It is very important for you to do the right exercises and in the right way. Also, you should not put excessive pressure on the body, work with ease and comfort. The small breaks would help to maintain energy. 

Exercise partner

The workout time becomes much easier if you have a partner. So, choose someone who can be with you while exercising. There should be a helping hand in case you need help or hurt yourself accidentally while exercising. Moreover, the exercise time is more fun when you can share your new experiences with a friend and have a small chit chat. 

Ball exercise

There are some ball exercises that can help you reduce your belly fat. You can try ball crunches or other exercises that help you tighten your stomach muscles. 

Frequent meals

Rather than eating heavy meals, you should choose healthy food items and that too in less quantity. It is better to eat small meals at short intervals than to stuff yourself altogether. The nursing baby also gets the benefits of healthy foods. 

These are some of the tips that will help you on your journey of shaping yourself back. However, it is not always important about the loose belly, you are doing a great job even if you are trying to keep yourself and the baby healthy.