Cute & Modern Indian Baby Girl Names

Are you waiting for your baby to arrive? Or you just held her in your arms? well, both feelings are great. But the first thing that clicks our mind when we think of our baby is ‘what do we call her’? Then the search begins for a special name. There are suggestions from family and friends. But the naming process should be intriguing.

We have come up with most special names with their meanings for your little princess.

Check out these stylish names and choose as per your preference 


The name Aarushi can be perfect for your little bundle of joy as it means ‘first rays of sun’. It is as soothing as your baby’s touch. The word has such a poetic touch well suited for Indian culture.


Ahana is a modern name and apt for the Hindu religion. The meaning of the word is ‘dawn’. 


You might have heard this name before. Besides being popular, it has a uniqueness in it. Ananya means ‘matchless’. 


It is an easy name on ears. But the word has a religious value behind it. In the Hindu religion, the name refers to the goddess of consciousness and sky. However, the meaning of Aditi is unbounded. 


Anvi is a perfect name with a combination of style and religious values. It refers to the goddess of the forest. 


If you are looking for a very unique name, then Adhya is the best name for your baby. It means ‘powerful’ as perfect as the strength that your baby gives to you. 


Akshara means goddess Lakshmi. So, undoubtedly it is the best name for your little lady luck. However, the meaning of the word is invincible.


The word means grace and it is best for your graceful princess. If you are looking into religious terms, then it is the name of the goddess Durga.


Abhaya is a very unique and modern name. It means towards the sun. 


The meaning of the word is ‘pride’ and you can choose this perfect name for the pride of your family. 


Aradhya is a spiritual word and nothing beats it. The meaning of the word is worth worshipping. 


Avni is a powerful name with the meaning ‘mother earth’. If you are looking for something exceptional, then this is the best name for your one in a million babies. 


There is no better name than this. As the word depicts meaning ‘special’ and what can be more special than your little charm. 


Alisha is quite a fancy name but not only fancy, it has a very spiritual meaning that is ‘protected by God’. 


This name can never be out of fashion. Aishwarya means wealth and prosperity and it has a very royal impact on it. 


Anjali is a name that was used in ancient times as it’s meaning is ‘offering by both hands’. So this pious name is perfect for the baby girls. 


Aaravi is a very uncommon name. Therefore, you can select this name for your angel as she brings peace into your life. And the meaning of the word is just the same.


You must be looking for something unusual just like your doll. Adah is a very rare name and it means ‘ornament’. It is a Hebrew word but gaining lots of appreciation due to its uniqueness. 


Bhavya is a very beautiful name. In Hindi terms it means splendid. 


Chhaya means shadow. And it is lovely to name your own shadow as Chhaya. 


Charvi refers to a pretty woman. As per Hindu mythology, it is the name of the wife of kuber. This name is quite different than others, so you can choose this name for your beautiful daughter.


The meaning of Dhriti is endurance and courage. Parents usually think of putting a lot of courage in their daughters, so dhriti is a very right name for girls. 


The word is quite common but the name is not. As we know the meaning of drishya is sight and it is a very good substitute for old names like Drishti.


A beautiful name which means ‘visible’. Your daughter would really like this name when she grows up. 


Jhanvi is also one of the most popular Indian baby girl names. The names refer to a Goddess, daughter of Yaksha. 


Jivika means the source of life and the name is as beautiful as its meaning.


It is a very famous name and it’s meaning is poetry. 


Kiara is one of the most stylish Indian girl names which means dark or black. 


Khushi is a very famous name. As parents decide this name out of joy for their little bundle of happiness. 


The name is pretty rare but getting popular. Mahi means ‘the world’ and there is no doubt that babies are the whole world for their parents. 


Mira is a historic name based on the history of the Hindu religion. But it is in trend nowadays. 


As the word means regular, naming your baby ‘Nitya’ would help to make them regular and punctual. 


Navya is a good modern name. It means fresh or new. 


Pihu is such a cute name, and you can choose it as a nickname for your baby. The meaning of the word is a peahen.


Roop is a perfect name for the natural glowy baby of yours. The word itself defines beauty.


It is quite a common name. Tanvi is the name of Goddess Durga.


The meaning of the word tiya is a bird. There is no better name for your baby if you are a nature lover.


The meaning of Vedika is consciousness. It is a very rare name.


The word means ‘one who has knowledge about Vedas’. If you are from a religious family, then it is a perfect name for you. 


The name means fame and it is gaining popularity among modern parents.

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